Exterior Painting Puyallup

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Puyallup

Having over ten years of experience as painting professionals Hess Painting Company delivers expert service for all your Exterior Painting Puyallup needs. Unlike Interior Painting Puyallup, exterior painting needs to be weather-proof. We are familiar with the needs of the Puyallup, Washington area and know what it takes to create beautiful, long-lasting exterior paint and coating. We are happy to work with you on any painting needs you have. Whether you want multiple color pallets, a layered trimming look, or one uniform color we can work with you to achieve the design you want.

  • Our painters examine the surface before they paint and determine what cleaning, sanding, or mildew removal may be necessary before they begin the job.
  • We use the highest quality primer, paint, and sealant to ensure your Exterior Painting Puyallup will hold up long-term.
  • Our sealants are designed to stay strong under the unique weather conditions in the South Sound area. They will hold up their original color as well as resist mold and mildew.
  • Every possible preventative is taken to ensure the paint goes only where it is wanted. You will not see any of those pesky mishaps like dripping or paint on grass, sidewalks, or windows.

Experienced Exterior Painting in Puyallup

Exterior Painting PuyallupWhether your needs include residential, industrial, or business structures you will find our paint looks amazing and protects just as we well on those sunny days in August as it does with the high volume of rain that falls in the area. You will not see cracking, bubbling, or flaking when the job is done or when the paint is tested by the occasional winter storm. With our years of experience and desire to do an  expert job you will receive only perfect Exterior Painting Puyallup and nothing else. We want  you to keep up the value of your home or business as well as be the envy of the neighborhood with great looking exterior paint. When you are proud of the look of your home or business you can feel good about visitors and those passing by. Make a great first and ongoing impression by keeping up the look of your home or business with Exterior Painting Puyallup.

Exterior Painting requires a lot of work and detail. Trust the Pro’s to ensure it is done properly. Let’s get started Painting Your House today!

We also provide Interior Painting Puyallup and Home Improvement Contractor Puyallup services.

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We offer a 1 year warranty on labor and materials, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.